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Find your training and certification solution from a Microsoft learning portal & provide Microsoft professional program.


With SoHo Dragon’s education Academy, we offer you custom, online and on-site Office 365 courses.
Our workshops are tailored to fit your needs and budget.
Let us breathe fire into your business.
Contact us at?Hello@SoHoDragon.com?or call us at?917-773-8027
Migrate to Office 365 with Cloud Business can help you to foster innovation and growth at all levels within business.
Digital Transformation Workshop & SharePoint workshop help you or your team develop quality, cost-effective solutions.
Get the Azure training you need to develop & implement Azure solutions.
Agile point Training & Stakeholder Adoption Workshop
Microsoft Teams User Adoption Workshop resources to help you plan and deploy Microsoft Teams in your organization.
Microsoft information protection workshop for the understanding of how Microsoft 365 security solutions work together.
Enroll on this official Microsoft Power BI course.Learn to analyze & visualize your data.
Power BI Basics
Learn how to use InfoPath forms and SharePoint. We provide the SharePoint training courses for build apps.
SharePoint Certification | SharePoint Training | SharePoint Course
Introduces you to the concept of using the Records Center to manage and store your records.
Soho Academy provides a SharePoint designer workflows courses.
SharePoint Business Performance Enhancement
Business Process Management Course
We are offering Microsoft Power Apps and flow training.Transform your business by creating custom businessapps with Powerapps